We regular visit deprived areas in countries where people are in need of food, clothing, money or just guidance and donate a percentage of our profit to help make a change for people less fortunate than us.  We organise it ourselves so there are no middle men or organisations pocketing from the misfortune of the underprivileged. We’ll upload photos from our journeys for all to view and request anyone who’d like to contribute any amount to get in touch with us.

Check out some photos from our last trip from August 2019 where we visited a school in a village in India to feed the children and handed out individual gifts.  It was brought to our attention that they are bare foot as none of these children can afford to own a pair of slippers to get around so there is always more that can be done.  With plenty of food left over we decided to invite the local villagers to join in which brought a smile to everyone’s faces but our aim is to eradicate poverty altogether with the hope of giving others a brighter and more promising future.